Many people try to stay fit and active by exercising. They may search for a local gym to start their workout routine. Although gym facilities are a great place to work out, the monthly membership fees can be quite costly. Gyms are only open for limited hours and can be crowded. In the busy world we live in, individuals have hectic schedules and dealing with crowds of people at the gym can make a lot of people uneasy.

Fitness Equipment Factory LiquidatorShape-Up Outlets is the premiere factory outlet for all used fitness equipment under warranty. Our outlets offer a wide range of used exercise machines from factory refurbished treadmills, recumbent and spin bikes, ellipticals, weight systems and much more. Each of these systems is under warranty. Being able to work out in the comfort and privacy of your home lets clients create their workout routine no matter what time of the day.

Shape Up Outlets TechniciansMost customers are worried about installing the fitness equipment in their home. For many clients, this may be a hassle for those who don’t have time, tools, or enough space to assemble a treadmill, spin bike, or elliptical. At Shape-Up Outlets, we understand. That’s why our team of experts in Bountiful, Murray, Orem and Ogden, UT can help assemble your new factory refurbished fitness machines no matter what size. If space is an issue, we offer compact-sized models, as well as adjustable dumbbell systems that can be assembled in your home. We also have an online shopping option where you can order your factory refurbished or used equipment from the comfort of your own home.

70% Off Retail PricesConsumers may be concerned with the cost. They want to exercise in the comfort of their home but feel as if they can’t afford it. Sometimes the answer is right at your fingertips. Shape-Up Outlets offers high-quality factory refurbished and used treadmills, ellipticals, spin bikes, and incline trainers that are 70% off normal retail prices and come with a warranty. We will purchase fitness machines from a factory, and then our experts will assemble it. Since we purchase equipment by the truckload, customers can be guaranteed to get the lowest prices possible.

Those looking into a home gym may also worry about the stability of the factory refurbished fitness equipment. Some may worry that purchasing used exercise machinery from an outlet store may be unreliable. At Shape-Up Outlets, our stores are only filled with high-quality fitness machines under warranty including factory refurbished treadmills, spin bikes, and ellipticals. As a customer, you can be guaranteed that our products are manufactured by the world’s leading manufacturers of fitness equipment.

In case your machinery breaks, our trained technicians can fix your products, and we stock replacement parts for a variety of used cardio machines and home gym machines. All of our drive motors and metal frames have a lifetime warranty, protecting you as the customer. Please visit Shape-Up Outlets in Ogden, Bountiful, Murray, and Orem, UT for all your used fitness and exercise product needs. Also, feel free to check out our online store on this site.

From factory refurbished treadmills to spin bikes to ellipticals, our store has the exercise equipment solution for you.


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